NovaTorque has suspended operations and is selling company assets, including the patents for their motor technology.
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variable speed applications

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Press Information

This section is designed for professionals in the media community, to provide company background, strategic information and corporate logos in a single and convenient location.

Media Contact: Chris Nelson, Longren & Parks, 612-237-4443

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Executive Management

Emily Liggett, CEO — Bio
Kim Baker, VP of Applications Engineering — Bio
Alan Crapo, CTO — Bio
Ramon Guitart, VP of Engineering — Bio
R. Scott Johnson, VP Sales — Bio
Tim McNally, Chief Financial Officer — Bio

NovaTorque is composed of an accomplished group of professionals, each an expert within their domain. If you seek professional input on your current editorial or research project, we can provide input in the following areas:

• Manufacturing automation
• Electrodynamic design
• Permanent magnet technology
• Motor control electronics technology
• Energy efficiency
• Electricity consumption
• Geopolitical impacts on material sourcing
• Cellular (scalable) manufacturing
• Technology innovation

To arrange an interview with a NovaTorque representative in any of these areas, please contact or call 510-933-2700.


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