NovaTorque has suspended operations and is selling company assets, including the patents for their motor technology.
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Technical Advisory Board

Our technical advisors were instrumental in the development of NovaTorque’s technology. Their long-standing industry experience continues to prove invaluable in validating and improving NovaTorque’s new motor designs.

Ken G. Wasson - Co-founder

Ken Wasson’s core areas of expertise include magnetics design, motor design, field analysis and the fabrication of ceramic and magnetic materials.

Ken served as Production or Operations Manager for three companies, VP and Technical Director of an intellectual property holding company and founded his own magnet production company in 1972. Ken has extensively consulted for the motion control industry, designing magnet-based products and resolving resonance-related issues. Principal clients of Wasson Associates have included most of the world's leading disk drive manufacturers. Ken also co-founded a motor engineering and manufacturing company in 1987.

Ken holds or is co-inventor of 11 patents with additional patents pending, and has published several articles and papers. He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

Dan Jones

Dan Jones is considered by many industry leaders to be a living encyclopedia of motion control engineering and marketing. He gained this reputation through his forty years of work in a multitude of roles that include engineering, senior management and marketing.

Dan’s technical expertise includes DC motors, step motors, servo motors, AC motors, brush and brushless motors, electronic drives and control systems in applications for the military, industrial and commercial markets. He is a former president of Association of International Motion Engineers (AIME) and has served on the Board of Directors of the Small Motor Manufacturers Association (SMMA). Dan is now the President of Incremotion Associates, a firm that “uniquely combines the capabilities of engineers and marketing consultants whose expertise and energy is focused on the motion control and power conversion industries.”

Dan received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Hofstra University and a M.S. degree in Mathematics from Adelphi University.

Richard (Dick) Welch Jr.

Dick Welch is a Certified Motor’s Instructor for the Association of International Motion Engineers (AIME). In this capacity, Dick has created several tutorials on electric motor technology which he presents at conferences, trade shows and to private industry.

Dick began his career in the electric motor industry at the former Electro-Craft Corporation, where he designed, modeled, built and tested high performance brush and brushless DC servomotors. He also conducted extensive research on motor-related issues, such as mechanical resonance, dynamic braking, heat transfer and power efficiency. Dick then joined Despatch Industries as the Manager of Research.

Dick is an Adjunct Faculty at the University of Saint Thomas. He has published more than 30 technical papers and articles. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, specializing in electro-magnetic field theory.

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