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  • Ultra-High Efficiency
  • Greater than 25% reduction in wasted energy
  • Maintains high efficiency under partial load
  • Superior low speed torque
  • UL Listed

General Purpose Industrial ApplicationsIndustrial Applications

NovaMAX™ motors are used for a wide range of industrial automation applications, particularly applications that demand efficiency across a broad speed and load range. NovaMAX permanent magnet motors have high operational efficiency even at part-speed and part-load, making them ideally suited for material handling, conveyors, mixers, grinders, and feeder applications with varying speed and volume requirements. Its broad operational range also makes the NovaMAX motor a candidate for direct-drive use, eliminating the requirement for belts, pulleys or gearboxes.

Industrial Applications for NovaTorque MotorsAmong the differences between NovaMAX permanent magnet motors and the more common induction motors is that NovaMAX motors are classified as synchronous motors. The NovaMAX motor's shaft rotates at precisely the commanded speed, synchronous to the output frequency of the VFD controlling it. In the case of an asynchronous induction motor, the shaft/rotor 'slips" behind the commanded speed. The amount of that slip (the difference between actual and commanded speed) varies unpredictably with the load. So, when precise, open loop, speed control is desired, NovaMAX motor is the better choice.

Also unlike induction motors, the NovaMAX permanent magnet motor delivers full torque down to 100 rpm or less without an encoder and down to zero speed with an encoder. This allows for the elimination of gearing in some applications.

Examples of Variable Speed, Constant Torque, Applications

Belt Conveyors

Many belt conveyor systems operate continuously and are controlled by VFDs in order to provide soft starts/stops, save energy when reduced speed is possible, reduce mechanical wear and tear, and/or mate with other belt speed dependent processes.

NovaMAX technology provides several advantages over the conventionally applied induction motor/gearbox combination.

The first is the improved energy efficiency of the motor itself.  The second is its exceptional low speed continuous torque.  The latter may allow for the removal of the cost and efficiency losses associated with the gearbox.  

Mixers, Grinders, Granulators, Extruders

Mixers, grinders, granulators, and extruders are used in a variety of food processing and industrial processing applications.  Characteristic of these applications is a significant variation in load, the need for precise speed control, as well as providing full torque over a wide speed range.  High continuous duty torque at low speeds is a common requirement.  While induction motors are capable of very high peak torque, they overheat quickly if that torque is required for an extended period of time.  Additionally, they are both highly inefficient and prone to stalling at low speed when applied without a position sensor.

In addition to their energy saving characteristic, NovaMAX motors are capable of providing full torque at low speed continuously without overheating, making them excellent candidates for these applications.

Examples of such applications would include:

  • Palletizers
  • Transfer Equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Tool Feeds




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