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Pumping/Compressing ApplicationsCompressing Motor Applications Page

NovaTorque motors are ideal for pump applications, particularly applications that demand efficiency across a broad speed and load range. NovaTorque permanent magnet motors have high operational efficiency even at part-speed and part-load, making them ideally suited for pumping and vacuum pump applications with varying speed and volume requirements.

Examples of Variable Speed, Variable Torque Applications

Centrifugal Pumps

Pump applications with the most pressing requirement for high efficiency and green alternatives are commercial building services.  These pumps are used for hot water circulation for hydronic heating, water booster systems for supplying water at pressure to higher floors in commercial buildings and apartments, and secondary cooling loop chiller systems for restaurants and grocery stores. VFDs are already in common use in these applications. NovaTorque’s high efficiency over a broad operating range provides an affordable opportunity to reduce power bills.

Pluming and compressing Compressors for HVAC Systems

Energy efficiency, first costs, package size, and running temperature are the driving considerations for motor selection in embedded compressor applications.  NovaTorque technology excels in each.  

NovaTorque motors are more efficient than the commonly applied induction motor.  They therefore run cooler, an important factor in an embedded hermetically sealed operating environment.  As noted earlier, the power density (compactness) of the NovaTorque technology exceeds that of the induction motor.   And, first costs represent only a small premium when compared to the induction motor alternative, and a deep discount from conventional permanent magnet alternatives.

Compressor manufacturing prospects are typically very high volume opportunities. NovaTorque is open to selling its proprietary manufacturing equipment and knowhow to compressor manufacturers, along with licenses to produce NovaTorque motors at their own facility.  For very high volumes, this approach may lower the end customer’s total costs.

Additional Pump Applications

  • Fluid flow
  • Secondary cooling loops
  • Pressure boosting
  • Vacuum pumps
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