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Product Features & Benefits



Energy Efficiency Lower power bills; Longer battery life
Power Density Fits where other motors won't; Facilitates direct drive mounting; Improves airflow
Synchronous Operation Precise Speed Control
Excellent Low Speed Torque Allows operation at lower speeds; May eliminate need for gearing
Broad Operating Range Simplifies forecasting; Reduces inventory carrying costs
Priced Right Provides rapid payback on premium versus induction motors, or reduces first costs versus conventional permanent magnet motors

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NovaTorque motors are significantly more energy efficient than NEMA Premium® induction motors.  The result: Lower Power Bills or Longer Battery Life.

NovaTorque motors are significantly more efficient than NEMA Premium®/IE3 efficiency induction motors in converting electrical power into mechanical output. They meet the future IE4 standard today! At the motor’s rated point (for example 3hp @ 1800 rpm), driven by a variable speed drive, the NovaTorque motor is 4½ points more efficient (93% vs. the induction motor’s 89%). That is a full 40% reduction in wasted energy!

Further, whereas the efficiency of the induction motor drops dramatically at low loads or low speeds (in variable torque applications), the efficiency of the NovaTorque motor remains high. For example, the efficiency of a NEMA Premium® induction motor driving a fan at half the motor’s rated speed (900rpm vs. 1800) falls to approximately 83%, whereas the NovaTorque motor’s efficiency remains above 90%. Click here to view motor efficiency comparisons in the Engineer’s Resources.

5hp motor efficiency


NovaTorque motors are higher in power density, achieving either more power in the same package size or the same power in a smaller package size.

Space is often at a premium.  NovaTorque motors are typically a full frame size smaller than their induction motor competition.  The NovaTorque motor has a cross-sectional area that is 60% of that of an induction motor.  A 5hp NovaTorque motor is the same frame size (143T) as a 2hp induction motor.   The smaller size facilitates direct-drive mounted applications.


NovaTorque motors rotate in sync with the output frequency of the Variable Frequency Drive, providing more precise speed control.

The shaft/rotor of the NovaTorque motor rotates at precisely the commanded speed, synchronous to the input frequency of the drive. For example, if commanded to rotate at 900 rpm, it will rotate at precisely 900 rpm. Contrast that to an induction motor that by nature requires “slip” between the rotation of the magnetic field in the stator with that of the rotor.  The amount of slip varies with the load, hence actual speed will diverge somewhat unpredictably from commanded speed.


NovaTorque motors deliver exceptional low speed torque.

NovaTorque motors deliver full torque down to 100 rpm or less without encoder and to 0 rpm with encoder.  This compares favorably against 1750 rpm induction motors, which may stall below 400 rpm. (Stall point varies significantly by motor/drive combinations.) The high torque at low speeds allows for the elimination of gearing in some applications.


NovaTorque motors efficiently deliver torque over a broad range of speed and load.  The wide operating range translates into a single NovaTorque motor model meeting application requirements that would otherwise require several induction motor models/sizes. This simplifies forecasting and reduces inventory costs for the OEM.  


NovaTorque motors have been designed for long reliable life.  

Heat is the principal cause of motor failure. The NovaTorque motor’s higher efficiency means lower losses, which result in less heating. The rotor and the windings being close to the surface of the motor provides for better cooling. Bobbin-wound windings eliminate hot spots. The stator’s potting enhances thermal transfer. Combined, these features lead to lower motor operating temperatures, and hence longer, more reliable, life.


NovaTorque motors are priced to compete effectively with AC induction motors.  The small price premium is typically recovered in energy cost savings within the first twelve months.  NovaTorque motors are priced well below conventional permanent magnet motors.

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