NovaTorque® has become NovaMAX™ motors, a part of the Regal family
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  • Ultra-High Efficiency
  • Greater than 25% reduction in wasted energy
  • Maintains high efficiency under partial load
  • Superior low speed torque
  • UL Listed

Reliability By Design

Reliability and long operating life have been central design themes in the development of NovaMAX™ motor technology.  Many failure modes common to the motor industry have simply been designed out.

Cooler Operating Temperature

Most of those failure modes are heat-related.  High motor temperature leads to bearing lubrication and/or winding insulation deterioration and eventual failure.

The high operating efficiency of the NovaMAX motor reduces heating due to losses, allowing the motor to run cooler, hence inherently improving reliability.

Additionally, as the coils are directly exposed to the exterior of the motor, what heat is produced is dissipated more efficiently, further reducing the operating temperature of the motor.

Magnet Selection and Mechanical Integrity

The magnets used in the NovaMAX motor are mechanically restrained. This ensures that no motor failures will result due to magnet de-lamination, as can occur with surface-mounted magnets in conventional PM motor designs.

Production Quality Assurance

In addition to designed-in reliability features, the NovaMAX motor is subjected to rigorous tests throughout the production process for early detection of potential manufacturing defects. Tests are performed on individual parts, sub-assemblies, and final assemblies.

Final assembled motors are also sample tested for vibration, detent (cogging torque), Kt (N-m/amp), inductance, and no load losses. The root cause for any deviation from specification is identified and quickly addressed.  

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